Each service has a specific contract as there are small differences that are specific to that service.  Please make sure you read the right contract.   Since the contract must be signed at the start of the inspection, you or a representative must be present at the start of the inspection unless you have made arrangements prior to the inspection to sign the contract before inspection day.

Residential Building Inspections (4 units or less)

         Residential Inspection Contract
         Residential - Annex C (Divided Co-Ownership declaration)
         Residential - Annex E (Commercial Clause)
         Standard of Practice (PHPIC)
         Property Questionnaire (filled out by the Seller if a Vendor Declaration is not available)

Specialized Services

         Asbestos Sampling Contract  - Insurance company would not cover doing Asbestos Sampling
         Air Quality Testing Contract - Insurance company would not cover doing Air Quality Testing

Commercial inspections

         Commercial Inspection Contract


         There is no contract for a consultation.