As time goes on, links to interesting documents will be added to this section and as this section grows, it will constantly be evolving.  Whenever possible, there will be French links available on the French FAQ section.


Have you done the maintenance around your house recently.  CMCH has a Maintenance Schedule you can use as a guideline to keep your house in tip top shape.  In a home, very few things are maintenance free. While it is a bitter pill for most homeowners to swallow, the fact is that preventative maintenance....  want to read more.


Do you have mold in your house?  Read the Fighting Mold document from the CMHC.


Worried about asbestos in your house.  CMHC has a document called About Your House - Asbestos and Heath Canada has a document called Health Risks of Asbestos


Do you think you have Vermiculite in your attic?  Some homes in the Montreal area are known to have Vermiculite insulation.  Depending on the inspector, you will get different suggestions on what to do about it.  Health Canada has a document called  Vermiculite insulation containing Amphibole Asbestos.  During a recent inspection of a 2001 home in the Montreal area, Vermiculite was found in the attic.  After some research, according to the government, the new vermiculite is 'safe' - for more information, click here.


Indoor air quality, is your house making you sick


Do you have unwanted pests in your house?  Some of the pests can cause damage to the difference systems of the house.  What kind of pests can I have?


Do you live in a house built before 1960?  Are you planning to renovate a house built between 1960 and 1980?  Then you might have lead paint or lead pipes in your house.  CMHC has a document that talks about Lead in your Home


Buying a house with a well or a septic system, read what CMHC has to say about it.  Also the agents involved in the transaction also have duties and obligations they must perform to protect you as the buyer.  During your inspection, Wells and Septic systems are not inspected.


Your house is made up of alot of different "systems" that all work together. Below are a list of items you might know very little about but are very important components in your house:

   Backflow valve - do you have this safety decice?

   Maximum Roof Vent - Is your vent installed correctly?

   Programable Thermostats - Are you using them correctly?