MD Inspect Plus' pricing is competitive with those of other companies who's inspectors are members of at least one recognized Canadian Inspections association (AIBQ or CAHPI or ASHI or PHPIC) and who have E&O insurance (Errors and Omissions liability Insurance).   If your inspector isn't part of a recognized Canadian Inspection association and doesn't have E&O insurance then their prices could be a lot lower then ours.  

All prices are for services performed within 50KM of the island of Montreal. For services performed outside of this radius, mileage may be charged at the inspector's discretion. Prices are based on the information provided by the person booking the inspection.  However if you give incorrect information about the building being inspected (i.e. duplex with a bachelor is really a triplex or the house is 1000 sq ft larger then size given), when the Inspector shows up, he/she will inform you of a price change. 

Pre-purchase or Pre-listing inspections

When booking the inspections, you will be quoted a prices based on your answers to the following questions and the type of reporting option selected. For details on the type of reports, please go to the services pages.

For residential inspections, it’s too complicated to have multiple price categories so we work on averages and the drawback with this system is a 900 sq ft and a 2000 sq ft home are inspected for the same price. Believe it or not, when we ask people too many questions about the house they have just made an offer on, they don't know the answers to some simple questions like how many square feet is the building, how many hot water tanks when a multi-unit building, type of heating system, etc….. Every once and a while, the person can’t even remember the address of the house that needs to be inspected so they have to call us back.

Questions you will be asked when booking an inspection:
  • Type of building (condo, bungalow, duplex)
  • Size of the building (>2500 sq ft add $50)
  • Year of Construction
  • Type of heating system
  • Is there roof access (inspectors use a 18' ladder)
  • Garage - detached (+$50)?
  • Bachelor apartment in the basement (+$25)? 

    Payment for this service is required at the end of the inspection.

Commercial inspections

Since no two commercial buildings are the same, there is no way to quote a price over the web. However, a commercial ASTM report starts at $1250 and have no maximum price.  If your insurance company or financial institution have a custom report to fill in, please send us a copy and we'll gladly give you a price.

Payment for this service is required at the end of the inspection however it will not be processed until the report is sent out.

Payment Options: We accept cheques or cash. We might accept credit cards in the near future.

Roof access:  Our inspectors use a 18' ladder to access a roof.  However if there is a balcony on the second floor without a roof and the balcony is safe to use (and is cleared of snow in the winter), the inspector has the option to get onto the roof from that location.  If a longer ladder is required, one can be rented and there will be an additional charge.  If we show up and there is no roof access, we can schedule a return visit (at a cost of $75 + ladder rental) to inspect the roof.

Mileage Charge:  A mileage charge of 45 cents a kilometre may be charged by the inspector if the property is more then 50KM from the island of Montreal.