If you really need to print your report which is in a PDF format, try the following to reduce the amount of paper used.  The text is fairly big in the report so reducing it to fit at least 2 pages per page will allow you to read the report on paper.  If there is something that is too small to read, you can always go back and look at it in the PDF file.  However on the printed report, you won't have access to the links (the blue underlined words) that are in the PDF file that link to extra information.

Depending on the operating system you are using (Win2000, XP, Vista or Mac), the process may be a little different but I’ll try to add other operating systems as I can find the steps. The steps may also vary a little based on the printer you are using.

On a Windows XP machine

Open the PDF file and select the Print Option.
Printing Report 1

In the Page Handling section, change the Page Scaling to be “Multiple pages per sheet” and more options will appear.

Page Handling

With the Pages per sheet set at 2, it makes the information half the size of an original page but you can still read it.  A sample of the printout is available in the Preview: Composite part of the page.

Output For Printing