With our Quebec winters, inspecting from November to April (depending on the winter) can have some major limitations. The snow, ice and the cold can limit the inspection of the following items:

  • ROOF - access to a sloped shingle roof is often impossible. Plus with the shingles being frozen, trying to lift the bottom row to look for a membrane is not always possible since moving the shingles could damage them.
  • ROOF - flat roofs are snow covered and with the membrane being frozen, it’s hard to try to date the roof and observe any blisters, ridges or exposed membrane.
  • GUTTERS and downspouts are normally full of ice so we can’t check if they are dirty or damaged.
  • LAND - slope of the ground around the building can’t be observed properly.
  • DECKS - getting under decks is sometimes impossible.
  • DECKS - checking for rotten wood is impossible since the wood is frozen so there won’t be any soft spots.  Plus if the deck is snow covered, it's hard to see it's condition.
  • DRIVEWAY and walkway conditions are sometimes hard to observe due to snow/ice.  This driveway was not paved and the retaining wall was missing weep holes at the bottom but hard to tell with all of the snow.
  • RETAINING WALLS are sometimes covered with snow. There is a retaining wall in this picture but the tempo and the snow made it impossible to inspect.
  • WINDOWS - opening some of the windows is not possible due to snow accumulation on the window sills or the window is frozen shut (frozen shut is a problem).
  • WINDOWS - sometimes in older homes, the windows are covered with plastic limiting access to open the windows.
  • A/C - can’t be tested due to the cold.  Sometimes the circuit breaker is turned off and the unit is covered outside.
  • ATTIC - the ventilation may appear OK since the attic is cold however keeping an attic cool in the summer is harder to do.  In the summer is when poor ventilation will really be noticeable.

As you can see, the winter is not the best time of the year to buy a house which is one of the busiest times of the year in the Montreal real estate market. MD Inspect Plus does offer a free return visit in the spring to look at the components that were not visible on the inspection day – just call us to book your return visit.